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Changed scroll properties to add a smooth scroll effect to the site. Added JS to the menu to delay the links and close it when an item is selected. Changed the CSS to fit my style and made the site more responsive overall.

How to guide

A really simple and cool guide there was no need to change anything.

Nathan Gur-Arie


About Me

Nathan Gur-Arie


1% better than yesterday, every day!

Being a full stack Web Designer requires constant improvment and learning at which i excel.
Bringing lines of code to life while making sure everything is in the right place is a fulfilling experience for me. I spend more of my time as a developer than a designer, but I approach my development and programming work with the eyes of a designer. when I am not working or studying i listen to Audible, watch psychology lectures and the odd reality show to make sure I am up to date for the bi-monthly family dinner.

Front End Developer

Front end web dev calls to all my passions it incorporates creativity problem solving and constant learning. I love applying animations, responsive design principles and watching my web pages shrink on mobile screens and still look amazing. it is oddly satisfying.

Specialties: Specialties: JS, HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Wix, Angular.

Web Designer

Designing for the web with the end-user in mind is a great challenge. looking at your work from the eyes of the user requires empathy experience and knowledge. making your pages user-friendly and leading the user where you want him to go to get results is a puzzle I live solving.

Specialties: Xd, Ai.

Back End Developer

Databse and server side logic problems are fun! wink, wink.

Specialties:, C#, php, MongoDB, API, Node.js.

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How to guide

I have changed some CSS properties to fit the general style of my site and used font awesome icons instead of SVG. gave the right div a z-index of one to help with the hover on the address card. Added @media for mobile.

How to guide

I have added JS to change the z-index and the opacity of the info divs. added an inner div for the text and used flex. readjusted circle size (using PX not %) and position.