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Nathan Gur-Arie


1% better than yesterday, every day!

Being a full stack Web Designer requires constant improvment and learning at which i excel.
Bringing lines of code to life while making sure everything is in the right place is a fulfilling experience for me. I approach my development and programming work with the eyes of a designer. when I am not working or studying i listen to Audible, watch psychology lectures and the odd reality show to make sure I am up to date for the family dinner.

Front End Developer

Front end web dev calls to all my passions it incorporates creativity problem solving and constant learning. I love applying animations, responsive design principles and watching my web pages shrink on mobile screens and still look amazing. it is very satisfying.

Specialties: Specialties: JS, HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Wix, Angular.

Web Designer

Designing for the web with the end-user in mind is a great challenge. looking at your work from the eyes of the user requires empathy experience and knowledge. making your pages user-friendly and leading the user where you want him to go is a puzzle I live solving.

Specialties: Xd, Figma, Zeplin, Ai.

Back End Developer

Databse and server side logic problems are not as visually appealing as the front end but making things tick is great fun nevertheless.

Specialties: Wordpress API, php, MongoDB, API, Node.js.

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